like many of us, i live in an urban environment, surrounded by concrete, steel, and all things made. this is the "nature" that surrounds me everyday.

stark, but beautiful.

how do we find beauty and art within this harsh milieu? how do we create a humane existence within an environment that is so naturally inhumane? this is the focus of my pictures - to find beauty and art within the urban and industrial environments.

these images have captured my imagination and, hopefully, they will capture yours too.

i live in toronto.

recent comments on my photos

    "Blair has a distinctive style...leading to fascinating, quiet moments recorded with great attention to detail."
      - B&W Photography Magazine
    "Blair's work represents black and white photography at its finest, and we're pleased to present him with the award of Nominee in Architectural."
      - Black and White Spider Awards
    Nominated for Photography Masters Cup
      - International Color Awards